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From Alan Burlison <Alan.Burli...@sun.com>
Subject Re: Derby causes PermGen leaks in Tomcat
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2007 23:57:37 GMT
Alan Burlison wrote:

>> However, when I do:
>>  - load embedded driver (with newInstance())
>>  - start the network server using the NetworkServerControl API
>>  - shutdown Derby system (example URL: "jdbc:derby:;shutdown=true")
>>  - shutdown server (netServerControl.shutdown())
>> I don't see the AntiGC thread (using jstack).
> Ahah!  I'm doing method 1 above, not method 2.  I think you've hit the 
> nail on the head, I need to shut down the system, not just the 
> individual database before shutting down the server.

I've added the code you suggested and now antiGC dies, but undeploying 
my app still doesn't clean it out of memory, so something else is 
obviously still wrong.

Alan Burlison

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