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From Christopher Nagel <chrisnagelmi...@yahoo.com>
Subject Client-side network server start/stop?
Date Sun, 30 Sep 2007 14:12:00 GMT

I am just learning about Derby, and trying to do so
*fast* so I can adopt it without impacting my
deadlines.  So I apologize for the "noob"-ality of
this post.  But I have read the dev-guide and the
admin-guide and the code examples.

I need a common resource that is never dependent on
network connectivity.  So I thought, have each client
host a server:   If no Derby server is up, start one. 
If the fileserver is up, Derby serves the central
database on the NAS to all the other clients.  If the
NAS is down, serve a replicated local copy.  The
client connects to its own Derby server.  Other
clients connect to the first Derby server.  If the
Derby server goes down (when that first user quits the
app), another client has to take over (this is the
hardest part, right?).

Is this even worth attempting?  Is this as abnormal as
it seems to me?  Can anyone suggest how best to make
it happen? 

Thanks!  Looking forward to really learning Derby -
it's way cool!


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