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From Dag.Wan...@Sun.COM (Dag H. Wanvik)
Subject Re: Derby in a Java based desktop application
Date Fri, 23 Nov 2007 16:37:44 GMT
Nitin Gupta <nitin.gupta@srishtitechnet.com> writes:

> Hi All,

> -          Derby
> -          HSQLDB
> -          H2

> I would highly appreciate if you can help me in selecting the appropriate db
> or can give me some information about the pros and cons of each. 

> Application is required to support clob/blob data types. Also, there should
> be a provision for indexing.

Derby certain provides support both of these features. :) The fact
that Derby can be deployed as a multi-user databse both as an
*embedded* database (to run entirely within your application's VM) or
as the normal stand-alone server in a *client-server* architecture, is
quite unique!  It can even be deployed as a mix of the above; the
server can be embedded in your application/framework and also serve

Derby is also available as JavaDB (Sun Microsystems) and Cloudscape
(IBM) and has the backing of both these companies. Sun will also sell
you support if desired. We also have a very active developer community
which is quite responsive! :)

Since Derby also offers ACID transactions, a comprehensive SQL
language, recoverability under crashes, on-line backup, good
performance, security and the flexibility of Java stored procedures, I
hope you will consider Derby for your needs! 

Feel free to come back here with more detailed questions for your


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