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From Ivan B <pub...@bojerco.com>
Subject Re: Commercial Support for Derby
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2007 20:45:06 GMT
Thank you. That is also what I gathered reading through replies and 
doing some more research on the net. It seems that the only way
we (my company) can do this is to just go with JavaDB. This also 
(arguably) means that there will never be a commercial support
for Derby as it would be completely redundant.
I just hope that Sun developers don't decide to follow their own path 
sometime further down on the road and de-attach themselves
from the open-source-Derby. I feel that at some point there might be a 
conflict of the interest (read: political BS) in regards to the
business model (e.g. if we do *this* feature people will buy more Sun's 
app servers) and that these 2 distributions (JavaDB and Derby)
might take a different code paths.

I have a hard time digesting that all this was done "just" for the legal 
purposes, but I really have no idea...just speculating at this point.

In any case, I really appreciate everyone's feedback as it helped me to, 
at least, make educated decision.

- Ivan

Rick Hillegas wrote:
> Hi Ivan,
> There are several distributions of Derby, including Sun's Java DB as 
> well as Cloudscape (available in IBM products), and of course the 
> community releases. Sun sells support for the Java DB distributions. 
> Sun, however, does not sell support for Cloudscape or for the 
> community releases. To buy support for this database software, you 
> need to download the bits from Sun and sign a license agreement. For 
> more information, please see http://developers.sun.com/javadb/support/
> It can be confusing that this software is available in three major 
> distributions. Please note that the Java DB bits are identical to the 
> bits released by the Derby community.
> Hope this helps,
> -Rick
> Test wrote:
>> I am sorry if this is too naive question, but if we use Apache Derby 
>> (not JavaDB) does that still mean that Sun would support it? I am a 
>> bit puzzled about semantics as it seems that JavaDB IS Apache Derby 
>> (and vice-versa), but I am not sure what does that mean when you make 
>> a phone call (e.g. calling Microsoft to report an issue about Windows 
>> XP running under VMWare).
>> Thank you.
>> - Ivan
>> Michelle Caisse wrote:
>>> Sun offers support for Java DB, their distribution of Derby. See 
>>> http://developers.sun.com/javadb/support/.
>>> -- Michelle
>>> Ivan B wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> My company is evaluating Derby as DB of the choice (moving away 
>>>> from BDB). Can anyone tell me if there is any commercial grade 
>>>> support for Derby DB (someone that we would pay in the case of 
>>>> escalations)?

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