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From Kim Haase <Camilla.Ha...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Derby Files
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2007 16:15:22 GMT

If you're using NetBeans, the home directory for all the databases is 
your .netbeans-derby directory, which is in your home directory (the 
location of which varies depending if you're on Windows or a UNIX system).

If you're not using NetBeans, the databases are created in the 
Application Server's databases directory -- c:\Sun\AppServer\databases, 
$HOME/SUNWappserver/databases, etc. The location for DERBY_HOME would be 
$HOME/SUNWappserver/javadb or the equivalent, and the Derby/Java DB jars 
would be in $HOME/SUNWappserver/javadb/lib or the equivalent.

The name of the database for all the Java EE Tutorial examples is 
sun-appserv-samples. To learn the table names, see the file 

For example, to see the bookstore database after you've run "ant 
create-tables", you could do the following (on a UNIX system):

java -jar $DERBY_HOME/lib/derbyrun.jar ij
ij version 10.3
ij> connect 'jdbc:derby://localhost:1527/sun-appserv-samples';
ij> select * from WEB_BOOKSTORE_BOOKS;
BOOKID  |SURNAME                 |FIRSTNAME               |TITLE 
             |PRICE                 |ONSALE|CALENDAR_Y&|DESCRIPTION 
201     |Duke                    |                        |My Early 
Years: Growing up on *7 
                |30.75                 |0     |1995       |What a cool 
book.             |20
202     |Jeeves                  |                        |Web Servers 
for Fun and Profit 
             |40.75                 |1     |2000       |What a cool 
book.             |20
203     |Masterson               |Webster                 |Web 
Components for Web Developers 
                     |27.75                 |0     |2000       |What a 
cool book.             |20
205     |Novation                |Kevin                   |From Oak to 
Java: The Revolution of a Language 
             |10.75                 |1     |1998       |What a cool 
book.             |20
206     |Gosling                 |James                   |Java 
Intermediate Bytecodes 
                    |30.95                 |1     |2000       |What a 
cool book.             |20
207     |Thrilled                |Ben                     |The Green 
Project: Programming for Consumer Devices 
               |30.0                  |1     |1998       |What a cool 
book              |20
208     |Tru                     |Itzal                   |Duke: A 
Biography of the Java Evangelist 
                 |45.0                  |0     |2001       |What a cool 
book.             |20

7 rows selected

Hope this helps.

Kim Haase

john wrote:
> I ran the Duke Bookstore bookstore1 example. Where, etc in which folder,
> does Derby Store the data files for this example..
> I have figured out how to run the ij utility. What is the name of the
> Derby database I need to connect to to query to tables?

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