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From "Lo, George C" <George...@ca.com>
Subject Re: Database not found - JPetStoreApp on Tomcat 6.0
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2008 17:45:15 GMT
>Lo, George C wrote:
>> While trying to deploy the JPetStoreApp demo on Tomcat 6.0 on JDK
1.6, I 
>> got the following error.   Did I miss something?
>Not having tried the JPetStoreApp demo, my pieces of advice are pretty 
>general. Since the database can't be found;
>  1) Verify that the database has indeed been created.
>     (and that it is not being deleted)
>  2) Make sure the JDBC connection URL is valid.
>I notice you are using a relative path in the JDBC connection URL 
>(Databases/JPetStoreDB). This might not work as expected based on 
>whether derby.system.home is set, or from which directory the container

>(Tomcat) starts Derby.
>You can see if this is indeed the problem by trying with an absolute 
>path to the database.


Hi Kristian,


Thanks for your reply.  Here is additional info.  

I put the database files that come with the JPetStoreApp demo in the
home directory of tomcat, as described by the doc.

I didn't set the derby.system.home property with Tomcat.  Is there any
info on how I can do this.  I tried setting the

Environmental variable DERBY_HOME from (on windows) from where I bring
up Tomcat, but it didn't work.  Thanks ahead.



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