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From Kim Haase <Camilla.Ha...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: DERBY
Date Wed, 02 Jan 2008 18:15:46 GMT
The database connection URL could definitely be introduced a bit more 
clearly in Getting Started. There is a brief description of it on p. 14 
(several pages before p. 17), but the fuller explanation is later, on p. 
21. We need to be more consistent in the terminology and to have proper 
cross-references. I'll file a JIRA issue for this.

Kim Haase

Kristian Waagan wrote:
> Hello Suresh,
> There is a short explanation of the JDBC connection URL, which I believe 
> is the same as the databaseURL, at 
> http://db.apache.org/derby/docs/dev/getstart/getstart-single.html#rgsquck30197 
> Without getting into the details, the connection URL for Derby could 
> look like this:
> jdbc:derby:/my/home/directory/myFirstDB;create=true
> jdbc:derby://my-host.com:1527/myDB
> The first one creates the database myFirstDB in the specified directory 
> on the local machine.
> The second URL connects to the database myDB at the remote host 
> my-host.com on port 1527.
> You can find a list of the connection URL attributes in the reference 
> manual, here is the link for the development version: 
> http://db.apache.org/derby/docs/dev/ref/ref-single.html#rrefattrib24612
> Hope this gets you started,

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