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From Øystein Grøvlen <Oystein.Grov...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: getImportedKeys() and getTables() return no rows
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2008 22:42:11 GMT
Lyon, Bruce wrote:
> This is driving me spare. I have been trying to access Derby metadata 
> and have been unable to get some rather basic functions to work. In 
> particular, I cannot get getImportedKeys() or getTables() to return any 
> rows. I can get a DatabaseMetaData object and perform various function 
> calls, such as getCatalogs() or getSchemas() on it. However, when I call 
> getTables() or getImportedKeys() I get a ResultSet with no rows. I can 
> print the columns of the ResultSet, but it has no rows. Why is this? The 
> following code in a servlet can print out the catalog/sechema data, but 
> it cannot get any table names; and when I try to print the foreign keys 
> from the “policy” table (which does exist in this database) the 
> ResultSet has no rows, even though the “policy” table has two columns 
> that are foreign keys.

Did you quote the name of the "policy" table when you created it?  If 
not, I think you need to write the name in upper case, when using 


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