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From Mark Thornton <mthorn...@optrak.co.uk>
Subject Re: Case-Insensitive Unique Constraint
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2008 16:03:30 GMT
Mark Thornton wrote:
> Sai Pullabhotla wrote:
>> Rick,
>> Thanks for the advice on using a CHECK constraint. It surely helps 
>> ensuring
>> the data integrity.
>> Otherwise, I think this is very basic feature that every one would 
>> like to
>> see, and it would help if Derby can handle this automatically using the
>> Computed/Generated columns or allowing UNIQUE index creation using
> Another alternative would be to allow a collation to be specified when 
> creating an index.
> Mark Thornton
Something like this:

create unique index roadnamesindex on roadnames(name collate 
'en_UK_primary', featureid)

(Borrowed from an in house database which supports that statement.)

Mark Thornton

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