I created my database from netbeans,by spcifying db location(All data will go to that directory). Then I ran my application with 4 connection/80 connection. After some time it's going outof memory.
I analyzed that I can specify the -Xms jvm option in startNetworkServer.bat (Not sure wil it solve the problem)
And I want to rise my db (different directory location). thru ij im able to connect , but it's embeded connection manager i think
ij>  connect 'jdbc:derby:H:\My Dream\bb-jd-db\bb-jd-real-hyd;user=app;password=app;'
but this time my application in failing to connect to the server.
But If i do the same from netbeans , the service is up and im able to connect to db..but it's withou jvm -xms option
I's there any solution for this
please help me ..

Raghunath N