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From John Embretsen <John.Embret...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Question about Embedded Derby
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2008 15:09:33 GMT
Ricardo Seromenho wrote:
> Sory about top posting...
> I think it's very easy to read...but you prefer mid posting or down 
> posying or whatever posting...
> And when you say to upgrade to a real OS, I am not interested in discuss 
> wath is a real OS or what is the best OS, bu the application that I want 
> to make is one that works in any OS.
> One that, if you put it on a pen device it work in Wintendo and in your 
> real OS.
> And to terminate, sory to this ML if this wasn't the proper place to put 
> my questions.

First of all: It is usually safe and perfectly OK to ignore comments about more 
or less religious topics such as which OS is best or worst.

Second: Sure, this mailing list was the proper place for your questions. 
Although you have posted a few different questions in the same thread, and some 
might be related to NetBeans, I believe you have good chances of getting useful 
answers on this list - as long as it is directly related to Derby.

In your case, you should be aware that

  - The Derby Developers Guide [1] says that: "The path separator in the 
connection URL is / (forward slash), as in the standard file:// URL protocol." 
However, using double or even single backslashes may work in some cases as well 
as well, though you should stick to the documentation. This is true even on Windows.

See also references I provided in the netbeans-users thread you referred to 
earlier [3].

  - There is a difference between relative and absolute paths in connection URLs 
[2]. When using an embedded database (i.e., JDBC connection), the world is a bit 
less complicated than client/server. Do some experiments to understand how it works.

  - You need to define a "home", a place for your database. If you want to 
bundle the database with your application, you could make sure it is always in 
the same place relative to some resource, making it easier to determine the 
correct URL.

If you have further problems, don't be afraid to ask.


[1]: http://db.apache.org/derby/docs/dev/devguide/cdevdvlp40350.html
[2]: http://wiki.apache.org/db-derby/DatabaseNamesRelativeAbsolute
[3]: http://www.nabble.com/Question-about-Embedded-Derby-td15192640.html#a15200685

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