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From Kim Haase <Camilla.Ha...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: When and why use DB2UDB jdbc driver instead of the Derby ClientDriver to access a DERBY NETWORK SERVER?
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2008 20:59:26 GMT
After looking into this some more, I think a problem with the 
UsesOfDerby page is that it consists entirely of links to other sites 
(off the wiki). There are a number of apparently obsolete IBM links, 
including one to the "IBM DB2 JDBC Universal Driver" under "JDBC 
Drivers." I feel hesitant to remove this (or any other) link, since I am 
not really familiar with what IBM supports and doesn't support, for 
earlier versions of Derby in particular (the links seem current as of 
Derby 10.1).

The HintsAndTips page actually seems to be where people put links to 
other Derby wiki pages. It might make more sense to use HintsAndTips for 
the DB2 info.


Kim Haase wrote:
> Rick Hillegas wrote:
>> Kim Haase wrote:
>>> Rick Hillegas wrote:
>>>> Kim Haase wrote:
>>>>> Kathey Marsden wrote:
>>>>>> Alan Burlison wrote:
>>>>>>> Related question:  If you want to connect to a Derby instance

>>>>>>> using something other than Java (C, Python Perl etc), what's
>>>>>>> recommended mechanism?  Google suggests the DB2 driver, but most

>>>>>>> of the articles and howto's are several years old, and date back

>>>>>>> to the Cloudscape days.
>>>>>> Hi Alan,
>>>>>> IBM no longer provides support for the DB2 driver with Derby  and

>>>>>> is not testing it with new releases. It would be great to see an

>>>>>> open source initiative for an ODBC driver for Derby.  Although 
>>>>>> this is often requested, I don't think we have a Jira entry for it

>>>>>> yet.  Perhaps you could open one.
>>>>> There are a couple of topics on the DB2 driver in the Derby 
>>>>> Administration Guide. Should these be removed, do you think? If so, 
>>>>> I could file a JIRA issue for this. Possibly we should just add a 
>>>>> note about the lack of support?
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> Kim Haase
>>>> If the driver is no longer supported and isn't being tested against 
>>>> new Derby releases, then it makes sense to me to remove references 
>>>> from the Derby user manuals. Maybe the information could migrate to 
>>>> the wiki along with a note stating that the DB2 driver is not 
>>>> supported or tested anymore.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> -Rick
>>> Thanks for the suggestion, Rick. I can file an issue to remove the 
>>> info from the docs. I'm not so familiar with the wiki, so I'm not 
>>> quite sure where to move it to --
>>>  - The JDBCSupport page? How up to date is this (it predates JDBC 4)?
>>>  - HintsAndTips?
>>>  - UsesOfDerby?
>>> Kim
>> Hi Kim,
>> I have very bad instincts when it comes to categorizing this kind of 
>> information. However, UsesOfDerby sounds like a good place to me.
>> Thanks,
>> -Rick
> Thanks, Rick, I'll work on that.
> Kim

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