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From Dyre.Tjeldv...@Sun.COM
Subject Re: Embedded database which only stores data in memory?
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2008 20:53:40 GMT
Aaron Zeckoski <aaronz@vt.edu> writes:

> I am trying to use embedded derby for testing but I am finding it much
> slower than HSQLDB to start and run and significantly more annoying
> since I have to remove the actual files between test runs to ensure my
> database is clean. Is there a way to force derby to not create any
> files and therefore operate more like something like HSQLDB?

I believe there is an existing Jira issue for this, and that someone
started working on it, but the work was never completed.

It would be interesting to know how you were planning to use Derby if it
could run in memory only. Based on what you write I'm assuming that you
are running (unit) test frame work (maybe even JUnit) that has a large
number of test cases, and that it somehow is inconvenient for you to let
all test cases use the same database and clean up afterwards. 

But would you also use Derby in deployment? Presumably usage of the
database would be rather different in deployment? I mean, not may
applications put temporary data in a relational database, so I'm
guessing that in deployment you would not want to throw away the
database files each time you close your application, right? 

And while I'm sure the problem you have with testing is a pain, I'm not
so sure Derby developers will queue up to solve it, as they probably are
more interested in making Derby a good database for deployments. 


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