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>Does Derby stores "create functions" is some system catalog that the user is
>able to browse?  Get the function type , the operands etc?
I think you may be able to get some information you need about function by the following system catalogs query: 

select s.schemaname, a.alias, a.javaclassname from sys.sysschemas s, sys.sysaliases a where a.schemaid = s.schemaid and a.aliastype = 'F' or you can get function information by invoking DatabaseMetaData.getFunctions().

> If so,  is something like this also available for builit-in functions?

Here is some documentation about built-in function:

Java DB supports upper, lower, concat, substring, like, length, trim; see SQL-99 and SQL-2003 features including data types are mapped to Derby, section E021.

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