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From Prodoc81 <...@hobba.nl>
Subject Re: Derby db files and folders (what to track)
Date Wed, 26 Aug 2009 14:00:55 GMT

Thank you for replying. I didn't expect it to happen anyone ;-)

Kristian Waagan-4 wrote:
> The files in the 'seg0' directory are the data files, used for tables 
> and indexes.
> 'tmp' is for temporary files, for instance used in some cases for LOBs 
> and when sorting.
> 'log' contains the transaction log files.
> If you haven't changed the defaults, 'derby.log' will also be modified 
> on each boot. You can make this file disappear if you want to, 
> alternatively you can write it to a different location.
> Maybe we could give you a better answer if you list the files that are 
> typically changed in your environment.

It mainly concerns the .dat files located in the seg0 folder. I'm only
performing basic select statements in my application. After using the
application random .dat files are altered, deleted and created.

What do you mean by making the derby.log file disappear? Delete it myself
without any problems or is there a way to prevent the creation of the file?
Next to the previous mentioned .dat files this is the only additional file
that gets altered.

Kristian Waagan-4 wrote:
> I guess maybe the lock files change if you're not shutting down the 
> database properly ('shutdown=true' in the URL), and maybe the log 
> control files. 'tmp' should also be deleted if you shut down properly.

This is at least one mistake from my side, thank you for mentioning it. So
far I'm not shutting the database down properly when closing the
application. I'll fix this but does this also explain the change of .dat

Kristian Waagan-4 wrote:
> Is the database truly read-only, or is it updated now and then?
> Is it possible to make it a read-only database as described in the manual?

As mentioned it is not updated during the use of the application. I only
change the content externally (not during the use of the application).
I did not use those steps mentioned in the manual, maybe I should. I didn't
do so because it was not clear yet if changing the content of the db was
going to be made possible by using the application. At this stage it doesn't
look like that's going to be the case so I'll have a look at those

The method mentioned by Leslie, only storing the .jar or .zip file, seems a
bit cumbersome to me. I'd rather stick to only actual sources in the
repository, creating the .jar or .zip file at build time. This way you don't
have to deal with the db separately but you can alter the db right away
during development.
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