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From Knut Anders Hatlen <Knut.Hat...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: CLASSPATH scripts do not work as defined in Getting Started in Derby Guide
Date Thu, 31 Dec 2009 23:20:48 GMT
"John Storta Jr." <js@storta.net> writes:

> I have just started working with Derby.  I was going through the getting
> started guide and came across an issue.
> On pages 13 and 14 of the 'Getting Started in Derby Guide', there are 3
> scripts referenced that can be used to set the CLASSPATH environment
> variable.  setEmbeddedCP, setNetworkServerCP, & setNetworkClientCP.  The
> documentation indicates that the appropriate script should be run
> depending on your needs.
> Running the scripts like any other script does not work.
> When a script is run, it launches a new shell for that script.  The
> CLASSPATH is set within that shell.  Once the script is complete, that
> shell exits and you are returned to your shell.  The CLASSPATH is only
> changed for the shell that the script was running in.  The CLASSPATH in
> your shell is unchanged.
> $ ${DERBY_HOME}/bin/setNetworkClientCP
> Will result in your CLASSPATH being unchanged.
> In order for CLASSPATH in your shell to be updated, you have to run the
> script from within your shell (not launch a new shell).  This is done by
> 'sourcing' the script.
> $ . ${DERBY_HOME}/bin/setNetworkClientCP
> Will run the script within your shell resulting in your CLASSPATH being
> updated.
> The documentation is not clear on this.
> Updating the documentation to state that the scripts should be sourced
> rather than run will introduce another problem.  The scripts contain
> error checks which will exit the shell if DERBY_HOME is not set.  If you
> source the script, it is running in your shell, which means your shell
> will exit if the error is encountered. 
> The documentation should be updated and the scripts would need to be
> updated to spit out the error, but not exit the shell.
> I looked through JIRA and I do not see this logged as a bug.  If there
> is agreement that this is a bug, I can open one.  As I am new to this, I
> wanted to bounce it off the list first.

Hi John,

It sounds like a bug to me. Please go ahead and log it. It's probably
best if you log two separate issues; one for updating the documentation
and one for updating the scripts.

Note that DERBY-4283 (setEmbeddedCP should not exit on error) was
recently logged and fixed, but only the setEmbeddedCP script was
touched, so the problem still persists in setNetworkClientCP and


Knut Anders

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