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From Jon Pearson <j...@emnico.com>
Subject Re: Derby Maintenance Activities
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2010 09:10:38 GMT
Hi Bryan,
     thanks for responding :-)

Certainly we have a lot of churn in 2 tables due to periodic updates 
which requires the compression.

We find that performance drops significantly (x10) around 1.5 months and 
running the full compression, which rebuilds the indexes, makes a 
dramatic improvement in performance.

We did try to run the compression online but found that some existing 
compiled statements retained a reference to pages in the pre-compressed 
table resulting in exception whenever they were excecuted.  Since then 
we have had to perform the compression offline resulting in downtime.


On 10/03/2010 16:52, Bryan Pendleton wrote:
>> Does anybody have experience of running statistics or compression 
>> which they can share?
> In my production Derby app, which has run 24x7 for over 4 years, I have
> a few tables which I need to compress, approximately every 6 months.
> I have not found it necessary to update statistics on my tables.
> However, my tables are small and don't change very rapidly, which
> is I think the primary reason that I don't need to compress them or
> recompute their statistics very often.
> I think that if you have highly volatile tables, the need for compression
> and statistics is more substantial.
> I think you should set up a mechanism to monitor the performance of your
> most important transactions, and you should keep an eye on it, and you
> should also periodically run SYSCS_DIAG.SYSCS_SPACE_TABLE, etc., and keep
> an eye on those values, and, over time, you will probably develop an
> intuition about what level of performance degration justifies doing a
> statistics or compression pass.
> thanks,
> bryan

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