Hi Derby Developers,

Was wondering if you've considered Hadoop Distributed File System and how it might be used by Derby? Here are some random thoughts:

It could be interesting to have the roll-forward replication logs written to HDFS where they will be automatically replicated, then the Derby slave can read the roll-forward log out of HDFS. Storage of backups is another place where HDFS might play well. Another idea would be to provide blob storage in HBase. I don't see any conflict between wanting to use HBase and Derby, since they really do different things. And in fact, it would be really cool to see Derby *using* HBase for things like Blob Storage.

It's just a random thought; but HDFS is really an amazing piece of engineering and it would be interesting to see it leveraged by Derby. In many "web scale" computing environments, it seems like Hadoop and HDFS are becoming quite ubiquitous.

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