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From Patrick Holthuizen <patr...@eaze.org>
Subject Re: how do I make the pieces in this puzzle fit?
Date Sun, 28 Nov 2010 15:06:22 GMT

> Now I would like to connect to my data base server also from a web 
> application - and it is not clear to me how this can be achieved:
> ad 1) would the Derby Server still be started from the command line?
> -> I would expect so, as SSL encryption needs to be kept in place for
> my fat client applications which I want to use in parallel to the web
> version and I have also not found SSL related options that could be 
> used when running the Derby Server as a servlet under Tomcat.
> Or is SSL support now to be implemented at a different level?
> between the web server and the browsers of my users?
> ad 2) do I have to change default options of the Security Manager or
> can they stay as they are in this scenario?
> ad 3) I expect user authentication works the same way in both secanrios
> ad 4) how does SSL support work in this context?? how do I need to 
> configure Tomcat and/or Apache hhtp server? 
> ad 5) do my users needs to load certificates into their browser 
> certificate store? can I still use self-signed certificates? do I need
> a specific algorithm / type of certificate? (RSA instead of DES)?
For a browser based SSL connection you may still use self-signed
certificates, but the browser of the user will probably issue a warning
when the first SSL connection is established. Most browsers only accept
certificates without warning when signed by a trusted authority.

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