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From Ron Rudy <ronchal...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Derby : No suitable driver found for jdbc:derby:db;create=true
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2010 12:52:23 GMT
Windows uses the semicolon, not the colon, to separate files/paths for the
classpath.  So it should read:

java -classpath /home/user/app/lib/derbyrun.jar;/home/user/app/shared/
-Dtmp.policy=/home/user/app/server/tmp/group.policy tmp.Setup

I'm also not sure that derbyrun.jar is the only derby file you need?  Though
I get my jars through maven so I don't know whether direct downloads are
named differently or if you renamed anything.  Also, you shouldn't need a
leading colon/semicolon.


On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 6:13 AM, BeNdErR <bendertheoffender_87@hotmail.com>wrote:

> thanks everyone for your reply.
> The wildcard is recognised by the shell (echo /path/* works, showing all
> the
> files in the directory) but as Ron said, I can't use wildcards for
> classpath.
> I tryed changing "/*" with "/derbyrun.jar" but nothing new happened, same
> error shows
> @bryan
> reading the last link you posted, about classpath usage, I had some doubts
> about my server startup, so here is the entire command I run for the
> server:
> java -classpath :/home/user/app/lib/derbyrun.jar:/home/user/app/shared/
> -Djava.rmi.server.codebase=file:///home/user/app/shared/
> -Dtmp.impl.codebase=file:///home/user/app/shared/
> -Djava.security.policy=/home/user/app/server/tmp/setup.policy
> -Dtmp.classeserver=tmp.AuthServer
> -Dtmp.policy=/home/user/app/server/tmp/group.policy tmp.Setup
> my doubt is on this part of "Setting the class path" link, maybe because I
> read the windows version and not the linux one :D
> (
> http://download.oracle.com/javase/6/docs/technotes/tools/windows/classpath.html
> )
> C:> java -classpath C:\java\MyClasses utility.myapp.Cool
> When the app runs, the JVM uses the class path settings to find any other
> classes defined in the utility.myapp package that are used by the Cool
> class.
> as you can see I run the server setup in the tmp package. Reading the
> article mentioned before, what I understood is that all the classes my
> Setup
> needs are searched in the classpath linked by the command, but in a tmp
> folder. Am I wrong?
> thanks (hope you understand my english-way-to-explain)
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