Hi Bryan,

Thanks a lot for your reply!

IJ commands work well in IJ command line, including show and describe. That means if I connect derby by IJ, there is no problem.

Currently, the problem occurred in Eclipse inside. And I just blocked by show and describe commands so far. Other commands I ever used work well. Attached screenshot for your reference.


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Subject: Re: commands describe and show failed in eclipse derby plugin SQL editor

> I used /eclipse-jee-ganymede-SR2-win32/ and it contains Apache Derby plug-in in default. However, when I execute /describe 
> table_name/ statement, "/syntax error:Encountered "describe//" at line 1, column 1/" is encountered unexpectedly. And /show 
> schemas/ statement also not workable because of the same error. 
Do other IJ commands work successfully, is it only "describe" and "show" that fail? 
What does your derby.log say? 
Describe and Show were added in Derby 10.2, I believe, so they've been there for 
a long time; is there any possibility that you are running an older release of Derby?