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From 鲍少明 <ioker...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: track the table changes in one transaction
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2011 00:23:43 GMT
Thanks for Myrna's answer. But I am asking another function. Currently, I am
using Derby in the memory mode.
I need to know the table name list which has data changes during a
transaction. So I can export them into csv.
But there is not any information inside derby to tell me this update
history. So do I need to manually record the
table names which has really changed during a transaction?


在 2011年3月18日 上午8:49,Myrna van Lunteren <m.v.lunteren@gmail.com>写道:

> 2011/3/17 鲍少明 <iokerica@gmail.com>:
>  > I have checked the system tables derby using. I don't find any
> information
> > table to track the modify time of the tables. So does it mean I need to
> > write some code to manually track it. And if it's roll-backed, I need to
> > clean it up?
> >
> > 2011/3/14 鲍少明 <iokerica@gmail.com>
> >>
> >> Hello group,
> >> Is there any easy way to track the tables which have been
> >> updated/deleted/inserted in one transaction?
> >> I know that I can add some code in my db operation code to track the
> >> status.
> >> But if I need to track some cascade delete or procedure call, I will
> need
> >> to write some ugly code to track them.
> >>
> >> Is there any easy way to get this done? Any suggestion will be helpful.
> >>
> >> Thanks,
> >> Clark Bao
> >
> Derby manages all deletes/inserts/updates during a transaction,
> including adding of tables...If something fails in the middle, the
> entire transaction should get rolled back.
> Have you found a situation where this didn't work as you expected?
> Perhaps you need to look at your transaction logic...
> Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the situation.
> Maybe all you want is to compare the contents of SYS.SYSTABLES for
> your schema before and after the transaction?
> Perhaps you can find more of what you're looking for using the XPLAIN
> functionality that was introduced in 10.6; see the Reference Guide
> (http://db.apache.org/derby/docs/10.6/ref/ref-single.html) and/or
> tuning guide (
> http://db.apache.org/derby/docs/10.6/tuning/tuning-single.html).
> HTH,
> Myrna

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