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From TXVanguard <brett.den...@lmco.com>
Subject Speeding up Derby for very large queries?
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2012 15:16:34 GMT

I'm porting an application from MS Access to Java, and am using Apache Derby
for the database.

(Note: some of the SQL-related terminology I use below may not be precisely+
accurate, but hopefully you'll understand my meaning.)

The application has about 75 tables and over 100 queries.  Doing a "SELECT *
FROM" some of these tables and queries is relatively quick, but many of
these queries take tens of minutes or even hours.

I have learned that I can speed up some of the queries by defining indexes
for the tables, but some of my queries are so complex (with multiply layers
of JOINs, plus WHERE, GROUP BY, HAVING, and ORDER BY clauses) that creating
indexes does not help.  I have found that if I create temporary tables that
represent the results of intermediate subqueries, then create indexes on the
tables, and then use the tables in place of the sub queries, I can speed
things up considerably, but the amount of work required on my part is

Here is an example of part of a typical query (some names have been changed
to protect the innocent) that I deal with:

SELECT DISTINCT 'Text' AS Cause, pr.ASD, m.Nm AS MN, sn.Nm AS SN, dn.Nm AS
VARCHAR(30)))|| ' label' AS EnFTD
    tblMsg AS m
        tblNo AS dn
        INNER JOIN
            ( tblNo AS sn INNER JOIN tblPR AS pr ON sn.NID = pr.SNID)
            INNER JOIN
            tRoutingHops AS h
            ON (pr.SNID = h.SNID) AND (pr.SPN = h.SPN) AND (pr.SPN = h.OSPN)
AND (pr.SNID = h.OSNID) AND (pr.ASD = h.ASD)
        ON dn.NID = pr.DNID
    ON m.ASD = pr.ASD
WHERE (((pr.DNID)=1 Or (pr.DNID)=2) AND ((h.NetworkID)=0) AND ((h.DNID)<>1
And (h.DNID)<>2))
GROUP BY pr.ASD, m.Nm, sn.Nm, dn.Nm
HAVING ((sn.Nm Like 'ABC%' Or sn.Nm Like 'XY%') And sn.Nm<>'DEF')

This query is actually only a sub-query that is joined by a UNION to an even
larger sub-query to form a full query.

The full query takes over a minute to run in Derby, but only a few tenths of
a second in Access.   Is there any hope of speeding up these types of
queries in Derby, or is Derby simple not sophisticated enough to perform the
types of optimizations required to speed up complicated, multi-level
queries? (Please note: this is not an attack on Derby.  Derby has
applications where it is very useful, but I'm wondering if my particular
application is simply too much for Derby to handle.)


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