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From Bryan Pendleton <bpendleton.de...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Problems with Online Backup SYSCS_BACKUP_DATABASE
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2012 14:40:14 GMT
On 08/17/2012 04:05 AM, Stefan R. wrote:
> database, got an I/O Exception while writing to the backup container file
> /mnt/backup/2012-08-13-00-00-00/bd/seg0/c9b1.dat.#012#011at org.apache.derby.client.am.Statement.completeExecute(Unknown
> org.apache.derby.client.am.SqlException: Java exception: 'No space left on device: java.io.IOException'.#012#011...
29 more
> The available space on the target device is more than sufficient.

What sort of operating system and file system are being used?

Perhaps you have disk quotas enabled?

Some operating systems reserve a certain portion of the space on a filesystem,
and won't let non-privileged processes write 100% of the space on the filesystem.

Some filesystems have file size limits. Perhaps one of the tables is 4GB
in size, and you're trying to write to a external thumb drive which is
formatted FAT32 and won't allow larger files to be written.

The easiest thing would seem to be to get a larger backup device.



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