On 1/30/2013 2:56 PM, Katherine Marsden wrote:
On 1/30/2013 12:13 PM, Oskar Zinger wrote:
This is only happening in a specific scenario when a host application server failbacks, so what it does is stops a service that manages derby network server, and restarts it.

There is no second shutdown, because if that was happening I would see duplicate debug message that tell me that the code is about to execute shutdown.

This is done in master and slave derby replication environment. This does not happen always during shutdown of derby.
Thanks Oskar for the information. I am not at all familiar with the replication environment, so can't say what to expect or not or whether adding the null check would help. I would suggest you go ahead and  file an issue in Jira and then  perhaps some folks on the dev list with a knowledge of replication will be able to provide input.

If you can reproduce with a debug build that would be helpful and provide line numbers.  Derby is easy to build if you want to try out the Null Pointer Check in your environment.

There is a property you can put in derby.properties:
that might be helpful in debugging this issue especially if you are using custom classloaders.