The locations of our development docs were changed a couple of months ago, so links like this no longer work.

If you go to the main documentation page, http://db.apache.org/derby/manuals/index.html, and click "HTML Pages" next to the Derby Server and Administration Guide, you can find the "Network Server security" topic and those in its immediate vicinity. The actual link to the latest Alpha version of the admin guide is now


If you got the bad link from one of the Derby wikis or elsewhere on the Derby site, please let us know -- we've been trying to fix these.

I hope this helps.

Kim Haase

On 03/ 8/13 05:41 AM, Jamie Mansour wrote:

I'm programming a web application using derby database, and i went to see your documentation, but some links on the website don't work fine...

I've been trying to access this one :


With no success. I'd really need to know how i can accept requests from "outside the localhost" to use my application on multiple external computers.

Is there a way i could get this part of the documentation ?

Thank you very much,