Hello all,

I've a problem with a very fool piece of code, but, I don't know why is not working. The thing is that I want to get some data from a SPARQL endpoint, and add it to the database.

The idea is that the data from the endpoint can be updated from time to tome, so, I use set theory to see the differences and only add the new data to my Apache derby db.

I use the following code:

Logic: http://pastebin.com/RLECrsdX
DerbyDBManager: http://pastebin.com/8KWbpVNf

(I left only the "interesting part").

So, from my main, I execute this code:

Logic l = new Logic(Constants.JENA, Constants.HERMIT,
if (l.prepareDB().getResult()) {

First of all, I "prepare the db" (prepareDB()) that basically load the driver, protocol and so on and creates the connection. After that, I check if the basic tables exists. If not, I create them (DerbyDBManager.createSchema()).

After that, I execute Logic.loadInAndOutsToDB() which, basically, loads the data from the SPARQL Endpoint (this works fine), createOutputInputPairs (something that I need to do which also works fine) and processInputs.

In processInputs() basically, I get the inputs from the database, I have the inputs from the SPARQL Endpoint, and using Set theory I made the difference, to see which inputs I should insert in the database. This works fine, but, when I try to insert the inputs in the database (using DerbyDBManager.insertInputs() it seems that is not working.

Basically, I insert using this code:

        public void insertInputs(Set<Input> ri) throws Exception {
                PreparedStatement psInsert = null;
                Iterator<Input> it = ri.iterator();
                while (it.hasNext()) {
                        Input in = it.next();
                        psInsert = conn
                                        .prepareStatement("insert into inputs(input_class,api) values (?, ?)");
                        psInsert.setString(1, in.getObject());
                        psInsert.setString(2, Constants.APIS[this.api]);
                        this.logger.log("Inserting input in db: " + in.getObject() + " - API[" + Constants.APIS[this.api] + "]");

It is supposed that in the following execution of my program, when I made the select statement to see the inputs in the database, it should give me results, but.. no results are provided. I attach you the first two executions of my program:

First (database not created): http://pastebin.com/1k7R8Yup
Second (database created. It is supposed that inputs table should contain data): http://pastebin.com/yzsK1q9w

So.. as far as I understand, something is wrong in the "insert" but.. I don't know what.

I hope someone can help me.


Dr. Alejandro Rodríguez González - PhD

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Polytechnic University of Madrid
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