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From Rick Hillegas <rick.hille...@oracle.com>
Subject Re: Best way to have a DB browser in your destop app
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2014 12:49:04 GMT
On 4/18/14 12:08 AM, Chux wrote:
> Hello guys,
> I have a desktop app using Java FX and so I have Derby as embedded DB.
> These builds I deploy to my clients.
> I need however a little tool to somehow access the embedded database for
> viewing, and maybe some on-the-fly modifications.
> When the FX app is up and running the DB is locked to it. So my option is
> to include a built in DB manager tool inside the app.
> So I was wondering if you know any java-based database viewers that I can
> import and use inside my app?
> Best,
> Chux
Hi Chux,

The real answer to your question will have to come from people who write 
better gui applications than I do. I think you are right that every 
database app needs a tool for inspecting the database and 
trouble-shooting production problems. I have written a couple, clumsy, 
Swing-based apps which are powered by Derby. For each of them I have 
added an interactive Help window which reads an SQL statement from a 
JTextArea and which then presents the results (for queries) as a JTable. 
Too crude for customers to pilot but useful enough for development and 
tech support; and not much code.

Hopefully you'll get a better answer from someone who really knows how 
to write a gui app.

Hope this helps,

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