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From Øyvind Harboe <oyvind.har...@zylin.com>
Subject Some more PostgreSQL vs. Derby observations
Date Tue, 21 Apr 2015 11:43:24 GMT

I ran into some issues where Derby was pathologically slow compared to
PostgreSQL, which I was able to resolve with the help of the list.

However, I thought it might be interesting for the list to hear about
the opposite:

- Derby embedded is *MUCH* faster for tiny queries. Only after testing
with PostgreSQL did we discover that our application was using
thousands of small queries that took 1-2ms on PostgreSQL. On Derby
embedded these tiny queries never showed up in our performance
- Derby was 10x faster than PostgreSQL for a complicated query that
used DISTINCT (as generated by Apache Cayenne). This was fixed by a
modification to Cayenne to use the PostgreSQL DISTINCT ON(primary
key1, primary key 2, ...) syntax. However, I thought it was very nice
to see that this optimization was handled internally in Derby without
polluting the SQL with unnecessary SQL dialects.

So, while Apache Cayenne offers database independence from a
correctness point of view, that doesn't mean that it is trivial to
switch from one database to another. Performance can be just as
important as correctness. If it isn't fast enough, customers can walk
away because they don't see a difference between an application that
doesn't complete the work in a timely fashion and an application that
doesn't work.

Øyvind Harboe - Can Zylin Consulting help on your project?

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