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Booting/opening is clear. But say Derby is booted/opened by an application, can I connect to the same database via IJ tools and interface with the database (UPDATE/INSERT/DELETE)? Or this is not supported? 

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Hi Dmitry,

Only one process can open / boot a specific database (usually a set of files on disk) at a given time.
Depending on your requirements you can:
 a) shut down the application and boot the database using any standard JDBC tool (using the embedded driver)
 b) if you need to be able to access the database while the application is running, you need to enable the Derby network server mode and connect to it using the network driver. This can be done in more than one way, for instance by specifying a system property on startup. This may have security implications for your application.

If this is a permanent requirement, it should be possible to start and stop the network server from within your application (i.e. by adding support for this feature in your application). See the Derby Administration guide for more info.

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ons. 2. aug. 2017 kl. 14:47 skrev Dmitry Buzolin <>:
Hi List!

I have a tough problem: My application runs Derby in embedded mode and I have a requirement to change/correct data inside this database.
What is a best way to do this if it is possible? For example if I open this database location via "file://patch to db folder” will this work properly wrt data consistency, locking etc (since the database is accessed from within the app code)?