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From Neeme Praks <ne...@apache.org>
Subject Re: separate torque generator
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2003 12:34:24 GMT

I'm currently thinking about implementing some more general generator... 
See my email to commons-dev below. Would this fit inside this decoupled 
generator better?

-- Algne kiri -- Original Message --
Teema: [sql] DAO pattern?
KuupƤev: Fri, 07 Feb 2003 01:51:29 +0200
Kellelt: Neeme Praks <neeme@apache.org>
Vastusesaaja: Jakarta Commons Developers List 
Adressaat: commons-dev@jakarta.apache.org


I would be interested in implementing the DAO pattern for commons-sql:
* based on database schema, generate:
      * bean interfaces
      * simple bean implementations (private fields, getters and setters)
      * optionally also abstract classes for entity beans (v2)
* based on some query descriptor, generate:
      * factory interfaces
      * factory implementations: OJB,Torque,hibernate,entity beans v2...

This would allow people to use more-or-less pluggable persistence APIs.
I'm currently considering converting by applications from Torque to OJB,
so I'm probably going to implement this anyway...

Would this be in the scope of the commons SQL project?
As this is kind of persistence abstraction (e.g. commons-logging), then
I guess it seems to be a fit for commons, no?

Any pointers are helpful, as there seems to be zero docs available
currently (only docs I could find were copy-paste from torque). I saw
that there are a bunch of jelly scripts for DDL generation, but how do
they actually integrate with the rest of the stuff and how do I invoke


Martin Poeschl ::
> i want to separate torque's generator from the runtime environment
> here's the plan:
> o move all generator stuff to /src/generator
>   (incl. dtd, templates, maven-plugin, ...)
> o maven build for the generator
> o adopt the runtime tests to use the torque-gen.jar
> o move the generator related xdocs to src/generator/xdocs
> maybe we can use the generator as basis for a more general generator
> we could also switch to use commons-sql for the sql-generation
> i'll add a PRE_GENERATOR tag to the repo before i'll checkin the changes
> martin
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