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From Scott Eade <se...@backstagetech.com.au>
Subject Re: cvs access, maintenance of torque 3.0
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 07:02:31 GMT
On 5/02/2003 5:42 PM, "Age Mooy" <amooy@home.nl> wrote:

>>> 2. What is the plan for maintaining torque 3.0 now that all
>> of the cvs 
>>> tags have been blown away?  Would it be correct to assume that this
>>> should be maintained out of jakarta-turbine-torque (assuming it is
>>> still available)?
>> Still interested in the path forward here.
> As far as I can tell, all tags are still in place. The repo was copied,
> not reimported.
> Age

You are right - now that my commit access is restored I can see the tags

Sorry for the misinformation and thanks for the reply Age.


Scott Eade
Backstage Technologies Pty. Ltd.
.Mac Chat/AIM: seade at mac dot com

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