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From "James Courtney" <Jcourt...@inphonic.com>
Subject RE: Status
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2003 19:24:01 GMT
P.S. The EZMLM subscribe message says that one has been subscribed to torque-dev@jakarta.apache.org,
not torque-dev@db.apache.org which seems to be correct...

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From: James Courtney 
Sent: Friday, December 05, 2003 11:23 AM
To: Torque Developer List (E-mail)
Subject: Status

Hey Torque developers,

I was hoping a couple of you could take a minute to bring me up to speed on some of the features
of the project and it's direction to see if it will meet some of my companies needs.  Thank
you in advance for your time and help.

Our company uses Maven for the majority of our projects and we have need of a tool that will
allow us to easily manage various DB schema's and export schema descriptions to something
easy to track in source control.  Basically I've inherited an old Oracle schema for our app
with little documentation and a trail of old SQL Scripts and we're planning a migration to
SQL Server and some new application schema changes very soon so I need to get my ducks in
a row.  We are CVS dependent and being able to track schema changes in a text format allows
for nice diffing between revisions.  My managment is also unlikely to spring for a tool like
ER/Win, I'm not sure I need that much functionality, and the ER/Win data files don't diff
well at all.  Currently we have an existing persistence layer so honestly we wouldn't be making
much use of that aspect of Torque for now so I'm mainly concerned with it's ability to help
me with administrative DB schema management and work smoothly with Oracle and SQL Server (which
the new Microsoft drivers seem to allow it to do).  Torque seems to provide some of this functionality
and I was wondering what the "plan" was for the Torque project with regard to more advanced
schema management with regards to some of the following subjects.

1) Currently only the table and view structures are exported from the schema, what about procedures,
functions, users, etc.
2) Does Torque allow one to compare physical DB schemas, xml schema files, and SQL scripts
for differences and to generate SQL Scripts for performing those differences?
3) Are there any nice XSLT templates out there for turning Torque schema XML into nice DB
4) Has anyone though of making a very simple Maven target or Torque task called torque:driverInfo
or something that dumps out all the interesting driver information about supported features
and syntax (see java.sql.DatabaseMetaData object methods) for the user to see?

If I convince myself that Torque offers enough features to be useful to me I'm perfectly willing
to actively contribute to the effort with bug reporting and code including a class for point
4 above and extensions provided in point 1.  If I can't get what I need from Torque I probably
can't justify the time to actively contribute much given my work schedule so please help me
understand what direction the project is taking and what features I can expect to make use
of and if you think any of my questions or ideas above would make sense.

Many thanks for your help and consideration!

Best regards,

James Courtney
Software Engineer,
InPhonic, Inc.

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