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From Michael Hart <mich...@perceptek.com.au>
Subject How to view bugs via Scarab?
Date Sat, 10 Apr 2004 04:24:17 GMT
Hi Guys,

I'm trying to submit an issue regarding Torque and I wanted to check if
it existed first, however there seems to be no direct public access to
the bugs list (http://nagoya.apache.org/scarab/issues, reached from
http://db.apache.org/torque/issue-tracking.html) - I've hunted around
the mail archives, but I can't really find a rationale for this - any ideas?

Anyway, I proceeded to register for access to the Scarab list, but even
then it seems I don't have access to any modules - I still can't even
view issues, let alone submit one. So I follow the "request roles" link
and I guess I need to request a role for the "Torque Source" module, but
I have no idea what role to request for, nor how long it will take for
such a request to be fulfilled. Should I be requesting for to be an
"Observer" or a "QA" or something else?

If I've missed something, or there's a FAQ that answers this, then I do
apologise. If not, then perhaps an easier-to-use system could be put in
place (ie, not having to register just to view bugs/issues, or not
having to "request a role"), or if these steps are still desired, then
better documentation for guiding the average public user through the
whole process would be useful (eg an explanation of what the roles are
on the "Request Roles" page, or even better a "How do I view/submit an
issue" guide on the issue-tracking.html page). The only help that seems
to have any relevance to my situation is on the page when I log in to
Scarab: "If you are a registered user, but do not have access to any
modules, contact the administrator." - I can't find a link to contact
the administrator, so I'm trying this list.



P.S. I'll post the issue I was referring to in my next msg to this list

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