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From T E Schmitz <mail...@numerixtechnology.de>
Subject Re: submitted patch which allows left joins, right joins and explicit inner joins
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2004 09:33:45 GMT
Hello Thomas,

Thomas Fischer wrote:

> T E Schmitz <mailreg@numerixtechnology.de> schrieb am 06.08.2004 17:53:35:
>>>For backwards compatibility we would need to leave the existing methods
>>>as is.  There are I guess two ways forward, either we generate a second
>>>set of methods that do left joins or we add an option to the generator
>>>to determine if the existing or a left join should be used (I think the
>>>latter might be the best option).
>><code snippet>
> I aggree with you that your suggestion is more "backwards compatible" than
> the generator option. However, in my opinion, the "standard" join for 99%
> of the cases will be a left join, so I would also prefer the generator
> option. If one really wants to have an inner join, one could emulate it via
> a Criteria object which restricts the FK column to "NOT NULL".

I agree - the left join is probably the standard option (that's why I 
was so keen on it ;-) ) and doubling up all join methods would make the 
templates a bit messy. As long as the user isn't restricted to one type 
of join - now that inner and outer joins are possible! - that's the way 
to go.

>>Note that this requires SqlEnum to be public! 
> Most of the SqlEnum constants are made available as public constants in the
> Criteria object (e.g. Criteria.LEFT_JOIN is a SqlEnum Object), so I do not
> see the reason why you had to make SqlEnum public .....  As one usually wants only one
> access point to avoid confusion, the SqlEnum is not public. In my opinion,
> this is a correct decision.

It certainly is cleaner if SqlEnum remains non-public. However, if you 
wanted to parameterize the join methods with Criteria.LEFT_JOIN, etc. 
then the parameter would have to be an SqlEnum and hence have to be public.



Tarlika Elisabeth Schmitz

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