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From T E Schmitz <mail...@numerixtechnology.de>
Subject Re: submitted patch which allows left joins, right joins and explicit inner joins
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2004 10:09:55 GMT

Hello Thomas

>>It certainly is cleaner if SqlEnum remains non-public. However, if you
>>wanted to parameterize the join methods with Criteria.LEFT_JOIN, etc.
>>then the parameter would have to be an SqlEnum and hence have to be
> public.
> Sorry, I did not think thoroughly about it. Of course you are right,
> because what you want is not an instance of SqlEnum, but you want to
> declare a parameter of the type SQLEnum, which is quite a difference.

I also something else in the back of my mind - but I do not expect this 
to be considered for Torque:

I decided to use the Joda-Time API (http://joda-time.sourceforge.net) 
for DATE and TIME properties (this API is hugely more powerful than 
java.util.Date and, most of all, it allows you to distinguish between 
DateOnly and TimeOnly).
But as I am now using org.joda.time.DateOnly instead of java.util.Date 
in the generated code I was forced to subclass Criteria and override all 
methods which take a data object of some kind, check for DateOnly and 
convert to Date. Some of the methods take an SqlEnum for a parameter and 
  if not for the joins I needed to make SqlEnum public for this exercise.

As I say, I don't expect this to be as a matter of general interest. 
Joda-time is open source but not part of the Jakarta project anyway. But 
the concept is certainly interesting.

> Forgive me ;-)




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