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From Thomas Fischer <Fisc...@seitenbau.net>
Subject RE: cvs commit: db-torque/src/java/org/apache/torque/util LimitHelper.java BasePeer.java Query.java
Date Thu, 26 Aug 2004 17:38:01 GMT


thanks for sorting this out. I was also very confused about the
offset/limit-handling some time ago, and I thought "ok, just don't touch
this stuff".
Sorry I am too busy at the moment to help testing but I hope this will
change soon.


>   Folks,
>   while I was using a blind eye to look at the mess that the LIMIT /
>   OFFSET generation has turned into, the last patch from Augustin was
>   the straw that broke the camels' back.  Or, to be literal, broke the
>   LIMIT / OFFSET generation for everything else but DB2. E.g. PostgreSQL.
>   Which upsets me, because I use PostgreSQL. However, I didn't use LIMIT
>   until about an hour ago.
>   At some point, one has to take a step back, look at what has been done
>   and ask oneself "is this really what I intended to do". Three
>   different places in the already much too large BasePeer class where
>   limits are checked in different ways; Criteria manipulation just to
>   satisfy a single caller of createQueryString, patch over patch over
>   patch just to get this somehow to compile.
>   My stomach couldn't take this any longer (and I need a working OFFSET
>   LIMIT for PostgreSQL and I would not touch this mess with a 3 metre
>   pole).
>   So I ripped everything out, rewrote it into a helper class and put it
>   back in. Cleaned up the logic and everything. It still passes the unit
>   tests (which is a good sign). And there are a lot of the invariants
>   removed. Why do we need "supportsNativeOffset" and
>   "supportsNativeLimit" when e.g. Oracle and DB2 allows this (by using a
>   subquery) but return false/false for the supportsNativeLimit/Offset
>   (DB2) or true/false (Oracle)?
>   All of this stuff _needs_ testing. Sorry Scott. We will need an RC2.

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