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From T E Schmitz <mail...@numerixtechnology.de>
Subject Criteria - add a negated condition
Date Fri, 01 Oct 2004 10:24:42 GMT

Unless I am missing something, I think the following SQL can't be build 
with Criteria - correct me if I'm wrong:

WHERE (NOT(<condition>))

My reasoning for this:
I have just cobbled together a somewhat more complex <condition> using 
Criterions. And depending on a flag I either need to add <condition> or 
NOT <condition> to my Criteria.

Of course, I know that and how I can create a second <not condition> to 
avoid the NOT. But it would be a convenient feature for Criteria to have 
methods like "addNot" and "orNot". Would this be a major development effort?

Would it be worth adding to Scarab as a feature request? (I'm sure your 
to-do list is long enough as it is :-( )



Tarlika Elisabeth Schmitz, Scotland

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