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From Thomas Fischer <tfisc...@apache.org>
Subject library versions, dead files and maven project-base.xml
Date Sun, 03 Jul 2005 10:01:28 GMT

I have gone through the libraries Torque depens on and seen if 
there is a newer version available. Those are the updates I would suggest:

package               old version   new version
commons-beanutils     1.6.1         1.7.0
commons-collections   3.0           3.1
commons-configuration 1.0           1.1
commons-lang          2.0           2.1
xercesImpl            2.4.0         2.6.2
xml-apis              1.0.b2        2.0.2
ant                   1.5.1         1.6.5

Also, no direct reference is made to log4j in the runtime. I have tried to 
remove the dependency, and it seems to work. I wouls uggest to remove the 
dependency log4j frm the runtime only.

Note that velocity is not updated to 1.4, I have heard rumours that 
version 1.4 has a memory leak (but I have also heard rumours that the 
current velocity version chokes in very large files, so not sure whether 
the memory leak is not already there in 1.3.1)

There was also a posting in the users list of someone who had problems 
using ant 1.6.2 and build-torque.xml, but he was using Torque 3.0.2.
I have checked the current dev release and it runs without problems 
against ant 1.6.2, so my opinion is that we should update ant as well.

There are some bugs in commons-dbcp regarding oracle and transaction 
isolation, but unfortunately there is no new release available. I would 
suggest to stick to commons-dbcp-1.2.1; the people experiencing problems 
should provide their own version.

There is also an old file called build.xml in the main directory which I 
would like to remove, but I am not sure whether somebody ore something 
(gump ???) needs it (NO, its NOT the build-torque.xml I am talking about 

Are there any objections, suggestions, comments ?

The current setup using a project-base.xml is problematic as it leads to a 
non-working source distribution of the generator. In the generator source 
distribution, the project.xml is included, where (in the case of the 
generator) a reference is made to project-base.xml via relative path:
Of course, in the generator source distribution, this file does not exist, 
so "maven jar" fails in the generator source distribution.
I have no idea how this can be resolved except inserting the contents of 
the project-base.xmi in the project.xml of both generato and runtime. I 
will ask also on the maven users list, but perhaps someone has a better 
solution here ?


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