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From Thomas Fischer <fisc...@seitenbau.net>
Subject generator object model: packages of generated classes
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2005 09:48:05 GMT


At the moment, it is possible to override the package name specified in the
build.properties file for the generator by the attribute package of the
database element. We probably want to keep this, because some users might
have multiple schema.xml files in one directory which they want to generate
in one run.

Now the question is, do we need to know about the package in the generator
model ?
As a background, up to and including Torque 3.1.1, multiple <database> tags
could be specified in one schema.xml. In CVS HEAD, this is no longer
possible. Therefore, all the classes for one schema.xml share the same base
package, and no reference is possible to another Peer (or Object) in
another package. Therefore, in my opinion, the generator object model does
not need to know about the package of the other Peers or Objects to which
it is related, because they are always in the same package.

I would like to remove the package information out of the generator model,
and handle packages only in the velocity templates.
I am asking because I would like to support different packages for Objects,
BaseObjects, Peers, BasePeers and this is extremely difficult if one has to
consider the package information in the object model (the main goal is that
one can have generated classes and other classes in a different directory,
but once on can do this, more specific packages are easy to implement)


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