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From Thomas Fischer <fisc...@seitenbau.net>
Subject Re: library versions, dead files and maven project-base.xml
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2005 08:19:18 GMT

Hi Thomas,

Thomas Vandahl <thomas.vandahl@tewisoft.de> schrieb am 05.07.2005 08:38:10:

> Thomas Fischer wrote:
> > Note that velocity is not updated to 1.4, I have heard rumours that
> > version 1.4 has a memory leak (but I have also heard rumours that the
> > current velocity version chokes in very large files, so not sure
> > the memory leak is not already there in 1.3.1)
> I read from Hennings post in some mailing list that caching should be
> enabled to avoid the memory leaking effect (which was explained to be
> due to some inspection code collecting data over and over). I have
> Velocity 1.4 running in production (with a Turbine app) with no visible
> memory leaks.

Do you have a link to that thread ? How can caching be enabled in velocity?

> I would suggest to separate the runtime dependencies from the generator
> dependencies and even - if possible - give detailed dependencies of the
> different DataSourceFactories. So, for example, is Velocity necessary
> for the Torque runtime? Is commons-dbcp necessary for a JNDI DataSource?
> Do you think this would be doable?

Well, it is already done to some extent in CVS, no idea whether this was
already in 3.1.1. If you look at /project.xml (this is for the runtime) and
src/generator/project.xml (for the generator), you will see that velocity
is in src/generator/project.xml, but not in /project.xml.
As for dbcp with a JndiDataSource, I would suspect that you would not need
dbcp (but some compiled classes in torque.jar need it, no idea whether
these classes get loaded if you just have an JndiDataSource). There are
also some more dubious candidates (avalon-framework, logkit) which you
probably will not need if you do not use avalon. But again, I am not so
sure there.
A agree that a comment in project.xml would be nice where the include is
needed, but I am afraid it has no large priority at the moment for me :-(
There are more urgent things (postgres 8.0 support etc.). But if you want
to do it, I'll add it to CVS.


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