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From Thomas Fischer <tfisc...@apache.org>
Subject [VOTE] release Torque 3.2-rc3 now
Date Sat, 05 Nov 2005 14:09:24 GMT

since the last release, some bugs were detected (TRQS321-TRQS327) and most 
of them (TRQS322-TRQS326) were fixed.
The issues TRQS321 and TRQS327 were not fixed for the following reasons:

- For testing TRQS321, a change in the equals()-method of criteria would 
be necessary (aliases for tables and columns are not compared in 
equals()). In my opinion, this needs some discussion and should not be 
done between release candidates.

- For fixing TRQS327, one would have to remove the behaviour that datasets 
are loaded in order to delete them, and do a mass delete instead. I must 
admit I do not understand fully what change in behaviour that means. This 
is something which needs to be done anyway when village support is 
removed, and I'd propose to leave it till then.

Also, these bugs (or should we call them unsupported features ?) have been 
around a long time (since 3.1.1, at least), and outweighing the risks 
against the benefits, it seems to me that these bugs should 
be fixed after releasing the final 3.2 release.

Having said this, in my opinion, all relevant bugs which have appeared in 
3.2-rc2 are fixed, and I'd propose to create a new rc. So, the question is

Should Torque 3.2-rc3 be created from the current svn trunk ?
[ ] +1 Yes
[ ] 0 I don't care
[ ] No (please give reasons)


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