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From Thomas Fischer <tfisc...@apache.org>
Subject Migrating the issue tracker to jira
Date Sun, 12 Mar 2006 11:22:03 GMT

the infrastructure team has created a project area for Torque in jira 

For migrating, I'd suggest that in a first stage, everybody who has 
reported an issue should create a corresponding issue in jira. In a second 
stage, the Torque developers (i.e. anybody who is interested in 
contributing to this) will look through the remaining issues and create 
issues for the stuff which they think should be resolved at some stage.

This procedure would have the following advantages in my eyes: If the 
reporter migrates issues himself he will continue to get notification 
emails for the issue. Then, the work is shared between people, and lastly, 
we'll have a chance to clean up the issues a bit.

I'll ask the infrastructure team whether it is possible to create a link 
to the scarab issue id for the migrated issues (if not, I'd suggest 
putting it in the description of the issue).

An alternative would be automatic migration, but I doubt whether the work 
is less than manual migration, and then we would still have the jungle of 
old open issues.

Then, once migration is finished, I'd like to avoid a situation like we 
have now, that there are so many unresolved issues that there will be no 
chance that anybody looks over them and decides whether they are still 
relevant or not. I see this is difficult with bugs, as there are many bugs 
which are difficult to solve or take a lot of time to verify, but perhaps 
we need to ask the reporter for more information in the future (such as 
producing test cases etc). For wishes, we could wait some time to see 
whether any developer wants to to anything about the wish (indicated by 
assigning the wish to himself) and if nothing happens, ask the reporter to 
implement it himself and close the wish is noone wants to do anything 
about it. For improvements with patches, I do not see anthing which could 
be mane better, except maybe that we should take a quick look at every 
patch and add a short note what could be the future proceeding (like "I 
think  this can be applied without modification" or "A testcase is needed 
for this" or the like.)

What do you think ?


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