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From Thomas Fischer <tfisc...@apache.org>
Subject Handling of custom add-ons
Date Sun, 29 Oct 2006 10:47:35 GMT
Hi all,

I'd need some opinions whether we should add custom add-ons to the Torque 

A short summary of the situation: Greg has submitted a patch to the 
generator (TORQUE-50) which allows to easily create add-ons to the 
generator templates. This patch is already in svn and will be in the 3.2.1 

Now the question is how we should handle such addons. E.g. Greg has 
submitted an addon which adds support for XML import and export of Torque 
objects using betwixt. This is certainly a useful feature for some users 
of Torque. The question is now whether we want to keep such addons in the 
Apache svn or not.

My problems are the following:
- A committer must review the code that is commited to the repository. 
Speaking for me personally, this needs time I would otherwise have used 
for core Torque code. There are lots of things to do for core Torque code, 
so I'd rather not spend time for reviewing addons, which can take lot of 
time:  People expect Apache software to be quality software. To ensure 
this, a careful review is needed, so the a superficial review will not 
- The second concern is the maintainance concern. Users expect 
Apache software to be maintained. This would mean that someone would have 
to make sure that an addon still works with newer versions of Torque, and 
apply changes to that if it doesn't. For the reasons outlined above, I am 
not prepared to to that.

Personally, I belive the better solution would be to host the add-ons 
externally, e.g in a sourceforge project, and keep links on the Torque 
page to them. This solution would not have any problems outlined above. I 
would be happy to maintain links to the externally hosted add-ons on the 
Torque site.

Any other opinions ?


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