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From Thomas Fischer <fisc...@seitenbau.net>
Subject Re: svn commit: r571790 - in /db/torque/runtime/trunk/src/java/org/apache/torque: TorqueInstance.java manager/AbstractBaseManager.java
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2007 08:31:45 GMT
Thomas Vandahl <thomas.vandahl@tewisoft.de> schrieb am 05.09.2007 08:34:00:

> The copy of the DataSource has been there for ages.

This is the only valid reason for this setting in my eyes. Although not all
that has been there for ages makes sense in itself.

> "default" has always
> been a reserved name for a database, the whole feature
> torque.database.default would not make sense otherwise.

Here I do not agree. _Because_ this configuration parameter exists, the
standard name "default" does not make sense. If one wishes the default
database's name to be "default", then it can be done by

> Turbine relies
> on that feature because it helps you to decide (at runtime, via
> configuration) which of the databases to use for authentication.

But Turbine does not rely on this decision being made programmatically ?
Why can it not be made by configuration ?

> For the time being, the Turbine jar comes with compiled-in Torque OM
> classes. These use "default" as their database name, to make use of the
> above mentioned feature. Mind you, Torque peers still contain the
> database name as a static. I agree that the behavior you describe would
> be desirable but then again this is an issue for Torque to handle.
> > If you still think this mapping is necessary for Turbine, and the
> > properties workaround is no good, then please look into the shutdown
> > and document the mapping you have done.
> I still consider this a feature and all I did was to make it work
> correctly under all circumstances. The shutdown issue is taken care of.
> (see line 716 in TorqueInstance.java) Concerning the documentation of
> this feature, see
> http://db.apache.org/torque/releases/torque-3.
> 3/runtime/reference/initialisation-configuration.html
> the section about database handles.

In this section, it says if you do not set the "name" attribute in the
schema.xml, the generator will set it to be "default". It does not say
anything about references during runtime.

In my eyes, all boils down to
"Can we ask the turbine users to configure the database "default" in their
Torque.properties or not ?"
This question is outside my scope as a Torque developer, so if you still
think this is necessary, so be it. After all it is not a big issue. All I'm
asking is to document that Torque on itself makes a reference to the
default database with the name "default".


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