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From Scott Eade <se...@backstagetech.com.au>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Accept Village code contribution from Jon Stevens
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2007 09:31:26 GMT
Thomas Vandahl wrote:
> Just a side note: I wrote a mail about the submission of Jon to Sam Ruby 
> who is supposed to be responsible for the legal stuff but failed to get 
> any response. From mails on other lists I derive that some more 
> information is floating around. Could some kind soul please fill me in 
> what happened?
Receipt of the code grant that Jon faxed in on 10 July was only 
acknowledged today (it is still to be committed to svn).

Jean Anderson, our very helpful DB PMC Chair, has provided all the 
information we need in terms of meeting the requirements in order to 
bring the code into the ASF (she has in fact volunteered to do a bunch 
of the work for us).  It actually doesn't sound too onerous - take a 
look at the last few messages in private@db for the details.

Probably the most long winded step that remains is for this vote to 
proceed - 7 days.  Other than this it is pretty much a matter of filling 
in a couple of forms and doing a couple of commits.

> Meanwhile I was thinking about postponing the Village integration to get 
> Torque 3.3 out of the door. Any suggestions?
Well since you volunteered to do the work the decision is largely yours 
to make.  I would say however that now that the code grant has been 
located we are actually very close to having all of the i's dotted and 
the t's crossed in order to be able to proceed.

Given how much of a pain this has been I think it would be a shame to 
skip this now that the end of the process is in sight.



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