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From Thomas Fischer <fisc...@seitenbau.net>
Subject RE: Question about the handling of default="" in SQL generation
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2007 11:36:06 GMT
If this change is implemented, oracle users would have to be careful
because Oracle does not distinguish between an empty string and null (I'm
not completely sure what happens, whether oracle sees a default value of
""as illegal or if it does not have any effect). But this is no point
against the change.

Another question is whether we want to do this during the RC cycle. It
might produce different behaviour for users, so I'd rather not change it
now but wait a few weeks.


"Greg Monroe" <Greg.Monroe@DukeCE.com> schrieb am 18.12.2007 19:43:06:

> I just came across what I think is a long standing bug. However before I
> fix it, I want to make sure that it's not done that way to keep from
> breaking some DB syntax restrictions.  The bug is this:
> If the schema XML defines a "String" column with a default attribute set
> to "", the SQL generated for a lot of DB's will just ignore this
> default.
> For example, if you have a column defined as:
> <column name="x" required="true" type="VARCHAR" size="254" default=""/>
> The MySQL SQL generated for this column in the CREATE TABLE statement
> will be:
> The default value of "" gets ignored.  This doesn't effect records
> stored via
> Torque objects, because they set the default value and update all field.
> However,
> if you do some non-Torque inserts, these fail if you don't specify all
> the fields.
> The problem is in the Column.getSqlString() code.  This ignores both
> null and
> empty string default values.  The fix would skip null and empty string
> values for
> nonTextType fields but add DEFAULT '' to TextType fields if the default
> is "".
> E.g. type="INTEGER" default="" would NOT have DEFAULT '' added but
> type="LONGVARCHAR" would.
> However, this change would effect the SQL generated for a majority of
> the
> DB types (only a handfull, like MS SQL don't use this method.. but then
> again... MS SQL generates the correct SQL :) ).
> As far as I can tell, the SQL standard says all columns in CREATE TABLE
> can
> have a DEFAULT [exp] option where [exp] needs to result in the correct
> data
> type. So it should be within the standards.
> Anyone know a reason NOT to do this?  E.g., a DB type that doesn't allow
> '' as default values?
> Greg Monroe <Monroe@DukeCE.com> (919)680-5050
> C&IS Solutions Team Lead
> Duke Corporate Education, Inc.
> 330 Blackwell St.
> Durham, NC 27701
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