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From "Brendan Miller" <bmil...@dotster.com>
Subject determine if new criteria is called for
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2008 18:30:45 GMT

I know we're in the middle of an RC release, but there is something that
continues to bother me.

The generator for object classes creates

    public List<SomeClass> getSomeClasss(Criteria criteria) throws TorqueException

methods for each class that has a foreign key to this object's table.
In these methods, we have the following

        // the following code is to determine if a new query is
        // called for.  If the criteria is the same as the last
        // one, just return the collection.
                    criteria.add(SomeClassPeer.MYCLASS_ID, getID());
                    if (!lastSomeClassCriteria.equals(criteria))
            collSomeClasss = SomeClassPeer.doSelect(criteria);

If my application does something like

    List<SomeClass> allSomeClasses = getSomeClasss();

    // ...

    Criteria crit = new Criteria();
    crit.add(SomeClassPeer.TYPE, "foo");
    List<SoemClass> fooSomeClasses = getSomeClasss(crit);

the last line will throw a NullPointerException because

a) collSomeClasss is not null
b) the object is not new
c) lastSomeClassCriteria is null

I have lots of occasion to find the releated SomeClass objects where
other criteria is in place, say an AMOUNT > 4.00 or a TYPE == "special"
or somesuch.  I cannot use this method passing my own Criteria when the
whole list of related objects has already been retrieved (the collection
is no longer null), because the lastSomeClassCriteria is still null.

Does this make sense?  Please don't tell me that I'm "misusing Torque"
:)  This seems so obvious.  But then...

Could it be fixed with a simple patch to the templates to replace

    if (!last<RelatedTableClass>Criteria.equals(criteria))


    if (!criteria.equals(last<RelatedTableClass>Criteria))


    if (last<RelatedTableClass>Criteria == null ||



Brendan Miller

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