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From Thomas Fischer <fisc...@seitenbau.net>
Subject torque 4 site and further actions
Date Fri, 05 Mar 2010 21:54:40 GMT

Time for another status and discussion about further actions.

The Torque 4 site is deployed at
It is not yet linked from the main Torque site, my plan is to do that on
monday. So if you find any errors there, there is still time to correct

The test project is now running for the following databases:
- postgresql
- oracle
- mysql
- mssql
with id method "native". There are some remaining problems with the id
methid "idbroker", but I am confident I 'll have it sorted out in the near
I also still need to figure out how to best treat the conditional manager
and bean tests, but I'll document it on the site once this is done.

further actions:
- The external-schema support is missing, I hope I get at it in the near
future.  However, I'm curious to know what it is good for. Does anybody
have a use case ?
- As the tool for code generator is called generator, and there is an
interface inside it for a class that produces text for the output which is
also called generator , my personal opinion is that the name of one object
should be changed to avoid confusion. As the name for the module is quite
old, the interface name should be changed, and the references to it in the
configuration. I'm still not sure which name to use. possible candidates
that come to my mind are TextWriter, TextCreator, OutputWriter,
OutputCreator... any recommendations or other ideas ?
- Currently the maven2 generator plugin is just a frontend for the current
code generator. However, there are a few goals from the old generator which
should probably remain like jdbc2xml. I'd like to investigate whether we
want to provide the functionality or if we can use ddlutils for some tasks.
- Ant integration for the generator is still missing. This should not be a
big problem, but needs to be done. In my opinion, this should go into a
separate small package torque-ant-tools
- Do we still want to support java 1.4 in Torque 4 runtime & generated
classes ?
- Which databases do we want to support in Torque 4 ? I believe e.g. the
claim that we support db2 in Torque 3.3 is just nonsense, we do not have a
driver for any recent db2 database. So my suggestion is to concentrate on
the databases that we really support and which we test with each release. A
suggestion for this set would be mysql, postgresql, mssql, oracle, derby
and hsqldb. What do you think ?


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