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From Thomas Fischer <fisc...@seitenbau.net>
Subject torque 4 plan (was: RE: Release candidate of torque 4 site - please review)
Date Mon, 08 Mar 2010 08:26:58 GMT
> What I also would like is some kind of plan on what Torque4 actually will
> contain. It would be nice to know what the "heavy development" mentioned
> the first page is and what is left of it.

There were occasional discussions about this during the last three years,
and most certainly I do not remember everything. And also, this is my
personal list, so everything I say here is subject to community approval:

What will most certainly change:
- package and class names in the generator (the "generator" name is too
overloaded, so the name of the generator class will change and the "gf"
package name will change to "generator")
- configuration syntax in the generator will reflect the class name changes
in the generator
- the templates need to be adapted to the generator configuration changes
- ant support for the generator will be added
- something needs to be done about the ant tasks that were in 3.3. but are
not yet present in 4.0.
- external schema support will be added in the templates
- package structure of the templates (the id table sql templates are
currently not in the sql package which is confusing)

What will probably change:
- the Criteria class might get refactored (no inheritance of HashMap etc)
or might get an alternative
- There might be a custom type for column Ids (not the String constants
used now)
- There might be an alternative to static peer classes to ease plugging in
of an alternative implementation

What will hopefully not change
- migration from Torque3 to Torque4 should be as painless as possible. So
the behaviour of the runtime should change as little as possible.

If I could get comments on this of the other torque team members I could
put this plan on the web site as well....


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